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Are You Updating from an Older Version?
Very old versions of CARCare, prior to v2.0.079, will
need to be updated BEFORE installing the latest version
of CARCare. 
Click Here for Further Instructions
  CARCare Download (10Mb) v2.2.100
How To Install CARCare

Quick Start Instructions:

Close all other running applications on your PC.  Verify that your user account has Admin permissions.  Click the Download link and choose Run.

Using the default settings is recommended.


 License Agreement

End User License Agreement



The installation is
quick and simple.
When you install CARCare,
use the
default settings.
Once installed, view the
Test Drive Lessons
to quickly become familiar
with all of the the major features in CARCare.
Each Test Drive lesson is
about 10 minutes in length.
Watch and listen and you'll
be up and running with
CARCare in minutes.

EMail us if you need help.
We'll be glad to assist you.





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