Car Maintenance Software


  • Extended Vehicle Life - Reduced Costs:
    For most of us, a car is not an investment - it's an expense.  But, proper preventive maintenance can extend the useful life of your car, and make it more economical and reliable to own and enjoy.
  • Improved Reliability:
    CARCare helps you become proactive in terms of scheduled maintenance, minimizing unexpected, costly breakdowns and repairs.  This means there's less chance that you'll be stranded waiting for a tow.
  • Maximum Resale Value:
    If you properly maintain your vehicles, and you can show evidence of proper maintenance, you'll improve your chances of getting maximum market value when it comes time to sell or trade-in your vehicle.  With CARCare, you'll have the documentation you need.
  • More Space in Your Glove-Box:
    Enter your information once, and service, fuel and expense information is at your fingertips.  No more digging for physical documents, or lost service receipts.  And that means you can
    free-up space in your glove-box.


Fuel Economy

CARCare makes it
easy to monitor
your fuel economy
If your fuel economy drops
over time, that often
signals the need for
air filter replacement,
tune-up, tire pressure
adjustment, or other
preventive maintenance.
No more guesswork.
With CARCare you'll know! 





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