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System Change - Extended Characters in Droplists:
Relaxed restrictions on non-English language characters in most droplists in CARCare.
Enhancement - Reports - Extended Warranty Information:

The Vehicle report category now features a report that will list purchase, warranty, insurance, loan, and extended warranty information.
Enhancement - Reports - Maintenance Details - Alternate Format:
Added a new Maintenance Details report that provides an alternate layout that will include more physical space for lengthy replacement parts descriptions.
System Change - Maintenance Dialog - Attachments Tab:
You no longer need to right-click and choose View Image to view an attachment.  You may now double-click on the attachment record to view it.
System Change - Date Entry:

When manually typing a date value, the Up/Down cursor keys can be used to manually increase/decrease the date value.  The hyphen/minus (-) key on the numeric can be used to enter the month, day, year separator character.
Correction - Reports - Fuel Economy by State:

This report was damaged in a prior upload.  If this report is not operating correctly for you, close CARCare and repeat the download/installation process to remedy the problem.
Correction - Fuel Economy Statistics by Vehicle:
Corrected an issue that would truncate the date on the report if the date format was set to display a four (4) digit year (MM-DD-YYYY).  Also corrected the fuel economy (HPL) statistic when managing an asset by hours under the Metric measure setting.
Cosmetic Change - Attachments/Images Features:
The term "Attachment" is now emphasized in features that relate to associating various type of content with CARCare data records.  You can still attach digital photographs using the "Display Image" view mode.  However,  the "Launch Application" view mode is now clearly labeled to indicate that other types of content, such as "pdf", and "doc" files are supported.
Enhancement - Fuel Economy Reports:
Added additional average per fill calculations to the "Fuel Economy Statistics by Vehicle" report (formerly entitled Fuel Economy Summary).  Also added high/low values for distance, consumption, and cost columns, and an overall average cost per Gal/Litre.
Enhancement - Report Viewer:
When the Report Viewer window is initially opened, it will automatically report on the vehicle that was last selected on the main window, and will automatically select the Report Type based on the topic tab selected on the main window.
Enhancement - Program Start-Up:
CARCare will now remember the topic tab selected when you last exited the program, and will select that tab when you restart.
Enhancement - Premium Edition License:
A CARCare Premium Edition license will no longer impose a 200 asset limit. The asset count is now unlimited.  There is currently no additional charge for this change.
System Change - Installation Data Path:
As of build #92,  CARCare will now install all data related files into the C:\Users\Public\CARCare folder, regardless of the Windows version being used.  This includes the location of your database file.  Following is a list of new default path settings:
     Database File - C:\Users\Public\CARCare 
     XML Report Files - C:\Users\Public\CARCare\Reports 
     User Image Files - C:\Users\Public\CARCare\Images 
     Database Backups - C:\Users\Public\CARCare\Backup 

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