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Title: Error #1005 Encountered When Attempting to Preview/Print Reports


As you enter the Report Viewer window, and/or whenever a report is clicked, an error message appears reporting that error #1005 has occurred.


There are three primary causes of this error code:

  • One or more of the CARCare "xml" report files has been damaged.

  • Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) are missing or are out of date.

  • The Windows user account does not grant the user Full Control permission to the C:\Users\Public\CARCare folder on the local disk.


  1. Reinstall CARCare from the CARCare Website.

  2. Visit the Microsoft website ( ) and search for updates for MDAC.  Your system must have the latest service pack installed for your operating system, and be properly configured in order for CARCare reports to appear.

  3. Confirm that the user account has the necessary permissions assigned to grant Full Control to the C:\Users\Public\CARCare folder, and all child folders beneath it.

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