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Title: HOW TO:  Use CARCare on a Memory Stick

Some customers have indicated a desire to place CARCare on a memory stick (e.g. USB Drive, Thumb-Drive, etc.) to offer portability between PCs.  You should not install CARCare on an external memory device.  The software must be installed on your PC.  You can, however, store your database file on your memory device.  To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Note your database path displayed in the title bar of the main window

  2. Close CARCare for Windows

  3. Start Windows Explorer

  4. Locate your database file on your PC and copy it to your memory device

Once your database is on your memory device:

  1. Plug in your memory device on the PC where you want to run CARCare

  2. Start CARCare

  3. Use the File | Database | Open... menu to open your database on your memory device

  4. You must close CARCare before removing your memory device

Always make periodic archival copies of your database onto non-volatile storage (e.g. CD-R, tape, etc.) to protect you in the event your external memory device fails.

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